Decoding Dental and Jaw Pain
in the Bay Area

Our San Bruno dentist and care team understand the importance of having answers when you’re facing pain. You want to know what’s wrong and how to fix it. At Simply Dentistry, we provide you with a practical, easy-to-follow roadmap that not only addresses your symptoms but also roots out the underlying causes of your pain. If you’re suffering from tooth pain or jaw pain, and you aren’t sure of the cause, come to our dentist office for answers and a solution. 

Simply Dentistry Knows How to Stop Tooth Pain Fast

How we stop it for you will depend on the cause of your pain. Cavities can benefit from dental fillings, gum disease is managed by our deep dental cleanings, and cracked teeth are treated with sturdy crowns. We can personalize our care for jaw pain stemming from TMD and bruxism, offering everything from TMJ exercises to custom night guards. Whatever you need, our San Francisco Bay Area dentist office can do it. Simple as that. 

When Is Tooth or Jaw Pain an Emergency?

If pain becomes more than just a minor nuisance, it’s a signal that your body is calling for professional help. Simply Dentistry offers emergency dental care for just these situations. Signs you need urgent care include severe pain, bleeding, or signs of infection like fever or swelling. Noticeable damage to your teeth, restorations, or gums also call for immediate treatment. Contact us right away if your tooth or jaw problems upgrade from uncomfortable to unbearable. 

We Decode Your Pain Puzzle

You’re not just another appointment on our calendar. We look at the big picture of your oral health and create a treatment plan tailored just for you—an approach that zeros in on the problem and avoids unnecessary procedures. Don’t wait for the pain to get worse. Instead, we invite you to Simply Dentistry, where modern meets mindful, and every treatment is created with your best interests at heart. Schedule a comprehensive exam today, and take the first confident step towards alleviating that pain and protecting your smile. Call 650-588-4255 or book your appointment online.