Keeping Pregnancy Gingivitis Temporary

Pregnancy causes many changes to your body. About half of pregnant women get swollen gums, even those who practice good dental hygiene. Swollen gums can lead to a mild form of gum disease, bleeding easily when flossing or brushing. When you’re pregnant, you’re more...

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How Calcium and Vitamin D are Vital to Dental Health

As we grow older, we face an increased chance of bone loss, something that includes our teeth. Experts have found that supplementing your diet and health routine with vitamin D and calcium can have a profound effect on the preservation of your pearly whites. This is...

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Should You Be Using a Fluoride-Free Toothpaste?

Fluoride is a common element added to toothpaste and municipal water that has been shown to reduce cavities in children and adults. It’s absorbed into the enamel of the teeth and remineralizes the teeth to keep them strong and healthy. Many toothpastes contain...

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How to Clean Your Tongue for Fresh Breath

The bacteria in your mouth helps prevent disease by keeping out foreign organisms. While that’s typically a good thing, the bacteria can also create bad aromas when food is broken down. Brushing your tongue can help prevent bad breath and keep you feeling fresh for...

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Teeth Whitening: Earn That Bright Smile

With the dearth of over the counter teeth whitening treatments you can find at your local store, tooth whitening seems like a simple process. However, the results usually can’t compare with professional tooth whitening when it comes to safety, affordability, and...

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Opioid Abuse Epidemic: Responding Effectively

Opioid abuse is a problem that continues to grow year after year. This problem has had an impact on the dental community, as many dentists have had to deal with improper opioid use among patients. Your San Bruno Simply Dentistry team is happy to stand with the...

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Start Flossing your Way to Fabulous Health

Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey report that one-third of adults over the age of 30 aren’t flossing at all, while another one-third of adults only floss occasionally. Only about one-third of adults report flossing every day. The Simply...

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Knowing About Canker Sores vs Cold Sores

Many of us have had a canker sore at one time or another. They may seem to appear out of nowhere but they usually signal their arrival with a small bump. Some people confuse these sores with cold sores, but there are differences. Cankers sores always appear inside the...

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Annual Halloween Candy Buyback

Our team at Simply Dentistry wanted to continue the tradition of years past by hosting our annual Halloween Candy Buyback. This year thanks to our wonderful patients and those in the greater community, we've collected over 30 pounds of candy and letters that were sent...

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