We Genuinely Care
About General Care

At Simply Dentistry, we’re not about the gimmicks or gloss—our focus is on providing straightforward, top-notch dental services that leave your smile healthy and you feeling confident. That’s general dentistry in a nutshell. It’s foundational dental care, and foundations need to be stable, not fancy. Our cleanings and exams, health screenings, and pain relief options shore up your fundamentals so that you can just get back to your life, still smiling.


Our general dentistry is as personalized as our other types of dental services. It’s not just that we offer so many options. When you come in for any of the following reasons, we mold our approach to your health, background, and even your personality and lifestyle. Whatever brought you to our doors, you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered, both in terms of your health and in terms of you as an individual.

Family Dentistry:

Care for All Ages

and All Stages

At our clinic, we’re honored to take care of your entire family. Dr. Chen and the rest of our team are equipped to handle the unique needs of patients at every stage of life.

We understand the convenience and peace of mind that comes with finding a single dental practice that can cater to everyone in your family. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering services that meet the needs of all age groups, ensuring multigenerational smiles. From the youngest member of your family experiencing their earliest dental visits to grandparents requiring more specialized care, we provide a welcoming and gentle environment for all.

Children’s Dentistry: Building Healthy Smiles from the Start

Our children’s dentistry services create a positive foundation for lifelong dental health. Visits to the dentist can be daunting for little ones, which is why we’ve designed a child-friendly environment that makes dental care less intimidating. Dr. Chen uses approaches that are gentle yet effective, ensuring that your child’s experience is both positive and educational.

Preventative Care and Education:

We emphasize the importance of good oral hygiene habits from a young age, offering guidance on brushing techniques, flossing, and healthy eating habits.

Fun and Engaging Environment:

Our clinic has a welcoming atmosphere, and we make sure your child is engaged and looking forward to their dental visits.

Gentle Treatment Methods:

We make sure your child’s dental health is managed with the utmost care and compassion so that they don’t associate our office with pain or inconvenience.

Trusted General Dentist
in San Bruno, CA

In a city full of choices, what sets Simply Dentistry apart from other dentists in San Bruno is our modern approach, focused care, and transparency and authenticity. Dr. Chen is a go-getter eager to blend expertise with advanced techniques. At our office, you get attention without distractions, receiving exactly what you need. And there are no surprises. We stand by honesty and clarity in our communication with you so that you feel secure in your dental decisions. If that sounds good to you, schedule an appointment online or by calling 650-588-4255.