A Balm for
Bruxism and TMJ
Pain in San Bruno

Experience the TMJ disorder relief you’ve been searching for with the gentle care of Simply Dentistry. Our solutions are more than just remedies. Crafted with precision and tailored to fit your unique smile and lifestyle, our treatments offer an escape from the pain that comes with jaw dysfunction. With us, your mornings are as peaceful as your dreams. Join us in San Bruno, CA, and feel the difference of a restful night’s sleep without jaw discomfort or teeth grinding darkening your days.

What Are the
Symptoms of
TMJ Disorder?

TMD can manifest through a variety of symptoms that can vary greatly from person to person. The most common indicators are persistent jaw pain or tenderness, a clicking or popping sound when opening or closing your mouth, difficulty chewing, and occasional jaw locking. Some patients may also experience earaches, headaches, and even neck pain. You might just feel ear and jaw pain on one side, or you could have trouble with both. 

These symptoms often vary in intensity, from mild discomfort that is manageable at home to severe pain that can significantly interfere with your daily life. Recognizing these signs is the first step toward seeking appropriate TMJ treatment.

Keep It Simple
with Night Guards

Night guards are a common non-invasive treatment option for TMD that can mitigate some of the uncomfortable symptoms. These custom-made devices fit over your upper or lower teeth, preventing direct contact between them. Worn while you sleep, it’s literally a laid-back solution! This helps maintain a proper alignment of the teeth and jaw during sleep, decreasing stress on the temporomandibular joints.

A night guard could actually do more than be a shield between you and the distress caused by TMJ/TMD. Here are the many ways it could help you:

Ease the Ache:

By wearing a night guard, you can experience significant relief from jaw pain and stiffness.

Prevent Wear:

Night guards prevent your teeth from grinding against each other, safeguarding them from wear and damage.

Escape Headaches:

Reduce the occurrence of headaches and earaches associated with TMJ/TMD.

Sleep Soundly:

A well-fitted night guard means nocturnal disturbances don’t disrupt your Zzz’s.

Preserve Your Smile:

Protect your pearly whites from adverse effects of bruxism like sensitivity or cracked teeth.

Embrace Minimalism:

This non-invasive solution prioritizes your comfort and convenience.

Sleep Easy Again
with San Bruno
TMJ Treatment

At Simply Dentistry, we recognize the power in simplicity. A night guard could be the straightforward solution you’ve been seeking for your TMJ/TMD symptoms. Reach out to our TMJ specialist near San Francisco today for a consultation. Dr. Chen and our support staff can identify what’s going on with your TMD and create a plan just for you. Your journey to jaw relief starts with a call to 650-588-4255 or a click through our online scheduler.