Adaptable Care for Patients with Special Concerns

It’s the simple things that make a difference. If you have phobias or disabling conditions, you know that little obstacles add up to make it hard to access the care you need. At Simply Dentistry, we want our San Bruno, CA, dental practice to reflect our name. By making sure we consider our special needs patients, we help everyone access the high-quality dental care they deserve. When you come to us for anything from routine cleanings to root canals, we make sure all the simple, little things add up to a better experience. 

Accessibility for Patients
with Disabilities

Each disabling condition requires a unique approach, so we have adapted our dental practice to be as accommodating and inclusive as possible, with easy access for all. We pride ourselves on making dental care accessible to patients who have historically found it challenging to receive treatment. We communicate openly with both patients and caregivers, offering clear instructions. Dr. Christina Chen will thoroughly explain each procedure to demystify the process and make it feel more manageable.

Empathy for

Patients with

Dental Phobia

Dental phobia is a real and serious condition that prevents many people from seeking necessary dental care. The Cleveland Clinic estimates that 36% of Americans have a fear of going to the dentist, with many opting not to seek treatment at all because of it. At Simply Dentistry, we address this fear with empathy, respect, and patience. To help ease your anxiety, we can either walk you through every detail of your care to empower you with knowledge or distract you from as much of the process as possible; whatever makes you feel better. We also cultivate a welcoming atmosphere in our office to help you feel more relaxed. This is a safe space!

Accommodations for Patients with Severe Gag Reflex

An overly strong gag reflex can turn even routine dental appointments into a stressful experience. Our team is experienced in employing techniques and methods to minimize discomfort. With our gentle help, dental procedures go smoothly even with this heightened reaction. By adjusting our treatment approaches and taking the time to understand your specific triggers, we create a more comfortable and positive dental experience.

Compassion for All Our San Bruno, CA, Patients

The awareness and respect we employ for our special needs patients isn’t limited to them. At Simply Dentistry, we invest everything into all of our patients. You can always feel free to come to us with concerns, worries, or questions, and you will receive straightforward and honest answers. At our office, we combine transparency with tenderness, making sure you feel both in control of your care and cared for. 

Trusted General Dentist in San Bruno, CA

In a city full of choices, what sets Simply Dentistry apart from other dentists is our modern approach, focused care, and transparency and authenticity. Dr. Chen is a go-getter eager to blend expertise with advanced techniques. At our office, you get attention without distractions, receiving exactly what you need. And there are no surprises. We stand by honesty and clarity in our communication with you so that you feel secure in your dental decisions. If that sounds good to you, schedule an appointment online or by calling 650-588-4255.