A Simply Delightful Dental Experience

At our San Bruno, CA, dentist office, we focus on providing dentistry services that are uncomplicated, high-quality, and always in your best interest. Caring for your smile is a privilege, so we treat it as such. It’s easy to access our location, as we’re close to I-101, I-280, and I-380 and within walking distance of Bart and Caltrain stations. For those driving, we offer plenty of parking both in our parking lot and nearby for a stress-free beginning to your visit. 

Once you’re in our office, we can accommodate any special needs, communicate every aspect of your care, and elaborate on anything that you need. We’re a multilingual office, able to assist patients in English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Tagalog. We make sure you feel at home in our practice and can practice good dental care at home. With us, taking care of your smile is simple, not simplistic.







Our practice is equipped with the latest dental tech for precise diagnostics and treatment planning. Our advanced tools provide us with detailed imaging, allow for better analysis, and even help us detect issues earlier. From catching cracks and cavities to ensuring accurate fittings for crowns and bridges, our tech reduces your time in the dental chair. Simply Dentistry harnesses the power of the following tools:


How Many Teeth Can Bridges, Dentures, or Implants Replace?

Simply Dentistry offers several types of tooth replacements, but some are better for replacing one or a few teeth while others are designed to repair larger gaps. In this guide, our San Bruno dentist, Dr. Christina Chen, walks you through the different dental solutionsdental bridges, dentures, and dental implants. Each offers an advanced and durable replacement for missing teeth, but we can find the right solution for you.