A Simple Fix for Tooth Fractures

Cracked teeth themselves aren’t simple—you need immediate care to prevent further damage to your teeth and health. However, getting that treatment is easy at Simply Dentistry. We believe in a streamlined and patient-focused approach to dental care for our fellow San Bruno, CA, residents. Experiencing a fractured tooth is distressing, but our team provides rapid, compassionate, and effective solutions. 

How to Fix a Cracked Tooth? Our Repair Process

We start with a comprehensive exam, utilizing sophisticated technology to accurately identify the problem. Our office is equipped with digital x-rays, intraoral scanners, and digital scanners, giving us an eye on every angle of your tooth and its internal structure. Once we confirm it’s cracked and determine how extensive the fracture is, we create an individualized plan.

To repair a fracture, we’ll use minimally invasive repair techniques to preserve your natural tooth structure while achieving the best possible results. Often, that means shaving down your tooth to place a tooth crown, but smaller cracks could benefit from dental fillings and larger ones may require a tooth extraction. Aftercare is as crucial as the procedure itself, so we provide clear instructions for home care and invite you back for follow-ups to guarantee optimal healing and recovery.

What About a Cracked Front Tooth? Aesthetically Pleasing Fixes

While cracked molars are a point of concern, front teeth can feel especially worrisome because of how they affect your appearance. Front teeth are also among the most common teeth to break, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Since these teeth are part of your smile’s first impression, we take their treatment and repair seriously.

Dr. Christina Chen and the rest of our team will ensure that your filling or crown doesn’t look out of place in your smile. For minor chips that only pose a cosmetic problem, we may even be able to apply dental bonding or porcelain veneers to improve your front tooth’s appearance. All that to say, you have options, so a cracked front tooth isn’t something to worry about at our office.

Broken Teeth? Not for Long with Our San Bruno Dentist

By choosing our practice, you receive care that takes more than just your smile into account. We understand that having a tooth fracture is scary, painful, and inconvenient. At Simply Dentistry, we make it easy to access the care you need, with simple scheduling, fast results, and compassionate aftercare. You need a cracked tooth repair that stands the test of time. At our San Francisco Bay Area dentist office, you get that and a dental family that also stands the test of time. Contact us by phone at 650-588-4255 or book an appointment online today.