Accessible dentures Near San Francisco Bay Area

Whether due to aging, medical conditions, or accidents, losing teeth happens. Maybe you aren’t too concerned, especially if it’s a back molar. Or perhaps you assume you don’t have the funds to fill in the space. You might also be worried about the time it would take to get care. Don’t let these excuses stop you from reaching out to Simply Dentistry!

Getting dentures in San Bruno from our restorative dentist is as uncomplicated and convenient as our practice name suggests. These tooth replacements are non-invasive, customizable, attractive, and help protect your health. Dentures also cost less than other options like implants. Plus, because we’re a streamlined practice that places an emphasis on the patient experience, we make sure we work efficiently. Losing your teeth may have been something that happened to you, but you can take control of your smile with dentures.

Partial Dentures for
Still Intact Smiles

Although dentures can replace an entire arch or a full mouth of teeth, they can also just replace a few teeth. In fact, those teeth don’t even need to be next to each other for you to use dentures to fill in the spaces. We can create partial dentures that strategically replace teeth throughout your smile. Partials attach to your neighboring teeth or are held in place with adhesives like traditional dentures; we can pick the option that fits best with your needs and your lifestyle. 

Continuing Denture
Care and Support

Wearing dentures is an adjustment, and our commitment to your oral health doesn’t stop at fitting your new smile. At Simply Dentistry, we offer comprehensive follow-up care, maintenance tips, and adjustments as needed, ensuring your dentures remain perfect for you over time. After all, just because you may not have a complete smile doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider checking in regularly about your oral health. Your routine checkups are our chance to fine-tune your denture experience. 

Take Charge of Your Smile
at Simply Dentistry

If you’re ready to stop letting tooth loss define you, call 650-588-4255 or contact us online. Dr. Christina Chen and the rest of our staff can make getting a new smile in San Francisco Bay Area easy, fast, convenient, and affordable with dentures. And, as an added bonus, you’ll get care that’s built around you. Schedule now!