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Should you suffer from severe tooth mobility due to advanced gum disease or have non-restorable teeth, it is in your best interest to have those teeth removed. Doing so prevents spread of infection or chronic pain. But, it also means that we need to replace all of the teeth at one time. That’s why we provide a variety of prosthetic options for our patients to choose from:

Immediate Dentures

Our immediate delivery prosthesis prevents you from having to go without any teeth following a series of extractions. The temporary set of dentures are placed immediately after the surgery, but we will recommend having a 2nd set made once the mouth has completely healed (for optimal fit and comfort.)

Conventional Plates

These traditional dentures replace all of your teeth at one time. They are designed for both optimal comfort and functionality. Plus, they can also be anchored on top of implants, upon request. We’ll walk you through the entire process, which can be completed right here in our San Bruno office.

Implant Supported Options

Some of our patients prefer to avoid wearing removable prosthetics. Our implant supported denture option makes the process secure and comfortable for everyone. Choose between permanently anchored full mouth prosthesis, and a stabilized conventional denture.


these-traditional-dentures-replace-all-of-your-teeth-at-one-timeIf you have several healthy teeth that are capable of being retained, we usually do not recommend having them removed unless absolutely necessary. For this reason, we also provide a partial denture option. These prostheses clasp into place around your natural teeth for added stability. They are smaller than their traditional counterparts.

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