Modern Meets Traditional in Our San Bruno Dentist Office

At Simply Dentistry, we bring smiles back to life. This resurrection process is something our expert San Bruno restorative dentist does best. We utilize the most advanced materials and techniques in the industry, ensuring your restorations are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. From repairing cracks to replacing lost teeth, Dr. Christina Chen can make sure you’re grinning again after treatment. Start the process of reviving your oral health today at our office. 

Resurrecting Smiles with
Restorative Care

We take pride in our unique blend of tried-and-true dental solutions and innovative dental tech. Our office has embraced digital x-rays, digital scanners, and intraoral cameras. These tools not only allow us to better plan and execute your care, but they also keep you involved. We share and explain the detailed images we get from our diagnostic equipment, providing you with a clearer understanding of your oral health. This also lets us go over our reasoning behind any treatment we recommend. Even if you’ve had restorations before, like a crown, you’ve never experienced this level of collaboration and informed decision-making. 

Review the Restoration Choices

Our dentist offers every treatment you need to repair your smile, regardless of your problem. Explore what we have to offer and then ask about which fits what you need. 

We’re Real

with You

At Simply Dentistry, we strive to strike the perfect balance between being direct and being personable. Our team is friendly and approachable, but we’ll also never sugarcoat things or talk around an issue. In our welcoming environment, you get nothing but clear, straightforward communication about our restorative procedures, your options, and treatment timelines. Even when it comes to your finances or insurance coverage, we stay candid to ensure you feel confident. We prioritize explaining everything in a way that’s easy to understand, devoid of medical jargon. This approach ensures that you are fully informed and can make empowered decisions about your dental care.

Your Restorative Dentistry
Reference Manual

This area of dental care focuses on repairing or replacing damaged or missing teeth. The goal is to restore your mouth’s health and usefulness. Restorations may be in order due to:

Whatever the case, we can find the right way to restore your mouth back to its full health and vitality. We do that by offering dental crowns, bridges, dental implants, and dentures in San Bruno. Selecting the right restoration is already part of our personalized approach, but we also offer further personalization. We tailor the specific restoration you need to meet your unique needs and goals. For instance, there are several types of dentures and dental implants, and we guide you to the best one for you. 

Reawaken Your Smile
at Simply Dentistry

Resurrection awaits at our dentist office. Contact us today online or at 650-588-4255 to book your appointment. Our restorative dentistry services blend cutting-edge technology with a warm, minimalist approach to return your smile to its natural strength, function, and beauty. With us, your smile will come alive.