San Bruno’s Clear-Cut Solution to Tooth Damage

Just a single compromised tooth can affect your daily life, self-esteem, and even your overall health. Get both treatment and transformation with dental crowns at Simply Dentistry. Our San Bruno dentist office uses these restorations to address pain, damage, and even aesthetic issues. Once we place these permanent tooth caps, you’ll be able to eat, laugh, and speak without hesitation. One tooth made a difference in your quality of life. One crown can make a difference too.

Dental Crown Procedure

The process of getting a dental crown usually takes just two appointments, with most of the actual dental work occurring during the first visit. We start by taking digital x-rays and scans to verify you need a crown. If you have special needs, we can also make accommodations for you. 

Then, we follow the four Rs:

We start by getting rid of any parts of your tooth that were damaged from decay, cracks, or trauma. 

Dr. Christina Chen makes sure your tooth is now in good condition and prepares it for your crown by shaping it to fit under the cap.

Your crown is placed on top of your tooth, fully encasing it to protect it from damage and bacteria. First, we place a temporary crown. Then, once your permanent one is ready, you come back to our office to have it installed. 

The final touches include adjusting the crown to fit your bite and polishing it to a smooth and comfortable finish.

What About Tooth
Crown Pain?

At our San Francisco Bay Area dentist clinic, we understand that having someone poking around in your mouth often triggers anxiety. It’s only natural to feel nervous about people interfering with your teeth, especially if you’re worried that pain will result. To avoid that anxiety with the crown placement process, we use local anesthesia. That means we numb the area around your tooth, making the experience virtually pain-free. 

On top of that, our experienced dental team will guide you through each step, so you stay informed and at ease throughout the process. That process goes by faster at our office thanks to our use of the latest techniques and materials. You’ll get back to your day with minimal disruption to your schedule and to your peace of mind.

Dental Crowns
for All Budgets

Tooth restorations aren’t optional. They’re a necessity. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, and don’t convince yourself to wait either. We know that what usually causes patients to delay or avoid care is concern about the cost. However, we don’t want anyone to talk themselves out of vital oral health care because of financial worries. 

The dental crown price varies based on materials and specific needs. Many dental insurance plans offer coverage for crowns, but we understand that each patient’s health and financial situation is unique. That’s why we provide other options that make restoration care attainable for everyone. With our financing and insurance choices, you can believe that Simply Dentistry will help you and your family receive must-have dental care in a way that is financially feasible.

A Simple Matter
of Scheduling

Getting care for tooth pain and sensitivity is just a call or click away. Call 650-588-4255 or book online to schedule your dental crown appointment. From that initial consultation to the final adjustments, your restoration experience at Simply Dentistry will be personalized and comfortable. Book today!