Dental Crowns

Restorative Dental Crowns

A crown is a restoration that completely covers your natural tooth up to the gumline. Dr. Lee recommend this technique when fillings aren’t an option due to excessive damage or decay.  If your tooth has…

  • A large, failed filling
  • Extensive cavities
  • Been treated with a root canal
  • Been broken, fractured or worn excessively

… then you might be in need of a dental crown. It’s important for your smile’s sake, as well as your overall health, that any dental concern be promptly evaluated and treated. As with many health issues, untreated oral problems tend to worsen, resulting in more extensive and expensive treatments down the road.

Restoring Your Tooth

A damaged tooth can affect you in so many ways! It can cause pain or difficulty when chewing or biting, making it uncomfortable to eat. It can also cause embarrassment when you smile. With a crown, your confidence and oral function can be restored, allowing you to eat and smile as you did before while protecting your remaining healthy teeth.  Each of our crowns is designed from porcelain that is custom-matched to flow seamlessly with your neighboring teeth.

Your Beautiful New Tooth

We offer three different types of mercury-safe crowns to fit your smile and budget, and each one includes a 5-year guarantee. You can enjoy a full or partial crown (known as an “inlay” or “onlay”) that is customized and crafted to blend into your natural smile, involving minimal discomfort.

Emergency Dental Care for Broken Teeth

If you’re experiencing a fractured tooth or persistent pain, please call our office right away.  Same day emergency appointments are available for both new and existing patients. If your urgent oral need occurs after normal hours, Dr. Lee will return your call as quickly as possible. A crown may be exactly what you need to save your smile.

If you think you might need a crown, then please give our office a call right away to schedule a brief exam and x-ray.

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