The Simple Equation of Dental Bridges

Two visits. No surgeries. Local anesthetic. For most patients, that’s all you need to close a gap in your smile thanks to our dental bridges. This classic restorative dentistry option can replace several teeth in a row and last up to 15 years. Need we say more? Simply Dentistry can get your smile back following tooth loss with these flexible and reliable tooth bridges. 

Dental Bridge vs. Implant

Dental implants offer a more permanent solution by giving you an artificial tooth root. This requires a surgical procedure where the implant is placed directly in the jawbone. While implants provide a longer-lasting solution and help preserve and even create bone density, the procedure comes with higher upfront costs and a longer treatment timeline.

By contrast, tooth bridges fill the gap between teeth without surgery. They are less invasive, quicker to fit, and cost-effective in the short term, though they may need replacement or adjustment over time. At Simply Dentistry, we understand choosing the right option is a significant decision, so we can help you decide what’s right for you. We’ll provide all the information you need, discuss your personal goals, and recommend the best solution for your dental health and lifestyle.

A Combination of
Bridges and Implants

If you are really torn between dental bridges and implants, you can actually get both! Implant-supported bridges allow you to get fewer implants while still covering up gaps in your smile. Rather than anchoring the bridge to crowns placed on natural teeth, we anchor them to crowns placed on implants. This could be a great option if you’re missing more teeth in a row than can be replaced by a regular bridge. 

Personalized Care Beyond the Bridge Itself

Even though bridges are a less-invasive option, they still require a dental procedure. For those with a dentist phobia, disabilities, or a severe gag reflex, even a straightforward treatment like this can be incredibly nerve-wracking or challenging. But you still deserve a beautiful smile, so we offer special needs dentistry accommodations. Let us know what’s holding you back from taking care of missing teeth, and we can adapt our approach to you. 

You don't have to do the math,
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