In-Depth Care with Endodontics
in San Bruno

The endodontic treatments at Simply Dentistry save your smile. Rather than viewing our root canal and pulpotomy therapy as a last resort, think of them as new beginnings, free from pain and sensitivity. Whether you have a toothache that just won’t go away, suffered an injury that damaged the interior of your teeth, or let a cavity go a little too long, the endodontic services at our dental office give you another chance at a healthy smile. 

What Is Endodontics?

A dental specialty that deals with the structures inside the tooth, endodontic treatment is for saving teeth in distress. The most well-known treatment is the root canal, which removes infected pulp from the inner chamber of the tooth, protects it from further damage, and gets you back to normal. However, endodontic care is more than just root canal therapy, and at Simply Dentistry, we prioritize prevention as much as intervention. Dr. Christina Chen and our team treat the inside of your teeth with as much precision and care as we do the outside of your teeth.

Root Canal: Restoration
Instead of Extraction

This endodontic therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat a tooth that has been severely damaged by decay or injury. Root canal pain is infamous, but that reputation is incorrect. In reality, the entire purpose of the procedure is to relieve pain, not cause it. A deep crack or cavity allows bacteria to enter the pulp of the tooth, leading to inflammation and infection. That then causes mounting pain and extreme sensitivity to temperature. By cleaning out all that inflamed and infected material, the pain and sensitivity stop. 

For root canal treatment, our dentist will:

1. Carefully remove the infected pulp and inflamed nerves.

2. Fill the empty root canals with a body-safe material.

By doing this, we prevent the spread of infection and save your tooth from being pulled. In the debate of a root canal vs. extraction, we err on the side of the root canal, since it saves your natural tooth. That, in turn, saves you expense and stress in the long run. 

Pulpotomy: Perfect for
Pediatric Patients

A pulpotomy is often referred to as a “partial” root canal. The procedure removes the diseased pulp tissue from just within the crown portion of the tooth, not the roots. Pulpotomies are commonly performed on children to save a damaged or decayed baby tooth. 

Why bother saving teeth that are destined to fall out? For one thing, we don’t want to risk your child developing an infection. This could jeopardize their other teeth as well as their overall health. Pulling teeth before they’re ready to come out can also cause alignment issues later. Their other baby teeth could fall out first, replaced by adult teeth that crowd into the space left by the extracted tooth. In other words, pulpotomies are a conservative treatment that interferes as little with your child’s dental journey as possible.

We’re Rooting for
Your Oral Health

Our endodontic care can bring your smile back from the brink. Give us the chance to do that with our sophisticated treatments. Don’t let the root canal’s reputation fool you—this is your path to pain and sensitivity relief. Contact our dentist near San Francisco Bay Area today by calling 650-588-4255 or booking online