Your Emergency Dental Care Lifeline in San Bruno, ca

When you’re in pain or facing a sudden dental injury in San Bruno, CA, you need urgent care, plain and simple. Simply Dentistry’s emergency dental services are there for you during the unexpected moments when your smile needs immediate attention. Our top-tier urgent care offers convenience without sacrificing comfort. We believe in simplicity, efficiency, and transparency—because in emergencies, clarity and quick action are what you need. 

Our Same-Day Dentistry
Prioritizes You

One of the biggest factors in getting you successful emergency care is time, so Simply Dentistry offers same-day dentist appointments in San Bruno. If you’re experiencing acute dental issues, you receive prompt treatment without the lengthy wait times thanks to this fast-track approach. Our dedicated team is ready to provide comprehensive care for your urgent needs. To alleviate your pain and restore your dental health, contact us right away at 650-588-4255

What Constitutes a
Dental Emergency?

Understanding what qualifies as an urgent matter can help you make the right decision in a stressful moment. Don’t underestimate what you’re experiencing. If you encounter any of the following, it’s time to seek emergency dental care:

Infections and Tooth Abscesses:

Swelling, fever, and other signs of infection require immediate attention. Get rapid intervention to prevent further complications.

Cracked Teeth:

Don’t let this linger! We can restore the integrity and aesthetics to your damaged teeth. The sooner you get care, the less we have to do to save your tooth.

Accidents and Trauma:

Our San Bruno dentist offers care both to address your immediate needs and to safeguard your long-term health.

Lost Teeth:

Whether from an accident, sports, gum disease, or decay, we offer solutions, including potentially re-implanting your tooth. 

Advanced Gum Disease:

Our periodontal dentist can take action to halt the progression of periodontal disease and preserve your smile.

Broken Restorations:

We offer quick fixes for damaged fillings, crowns, or bridges, restoring their purpose and your comfort.


Visit us if you are suffering from bleeding after a procedure, due to trauma, or because of gum disease.

Early treatment not only soothes pain but can also prevent potentially serious health complications. If you’re still unsure whether your situation is an emergency, just call us! We can give you answers, offer guidance and support, and provide clarity in even the most confusing oral health scenarios. 

Infected Tooth
Extraction Specialists

Sometimes, infections put your other teeth and even your whole-body health at risk. In that case, Simply Dentistry offers emergency tooth extractions. Although this is urgent dental care, we still prioritize your comfort. Our approach begins with a thorough evaluation to assess the extent of the infection; we keep you in the loop on everything we find and every step ahead. We then proceed with a painless extraction procedure that addresses your immediate discomfort and prevents the spread of infection to other areas. Post-extraction, we offer comprehensive aftercare advice and options for tooth replacement, like tooth implants or dental bridges, ensuring you leave with your smile saved and health restored.

Advanced Emergency Care

Accurate diagnosis is critical for effective urgent dental care. That’s why we’re equipped with the latest technology. Our cutting-edge tools include digital x-rays, digital scanners, and intraoral cameras. These minimize your radiation exposure, maximize your comfort, and provide clear, high-resolution images that allow you to follow along with our treatment plans, even in emergencies. Incorporating the latest advancements into our practice means better care, quicker recovery, and a smoother experience from start to finish.

When Tooth Trouble Strikes in San Francisco Bay Area, Contact Simply Dentistry

With a blend of modern care, swift action, and genuine compassion, our same-day dentist in San Bruno is dedicated to resolving your emergency dental needs. Don’t wait in pain—contact us for immediate relief. Call us now at 650-588-4255.