Who Says Teeth Whitening
Has to Take Effort?

Whether you’re gearing up for a special occasion or simply desire a long-term enhancement to your smile’s beauty, Simply Dentistry’s teeth whitening services are designed to match your ambitions. Our treatment is not just a temporary fix. With our professional whitening system, you get durability and lasting results, earning yourself a smile that continues to reflect the very best of you. The best part? It’s so easy! After one visit to our San Bruno office, you’ll walk out with your new look. 

Here’s Why
You’ll Simply
Love Our Approach

The best teeth whitening option is the one that works for you. Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Christina Chen, is confident that our system will work for you, thanks to these benefits: 

Pure Whitening Power:

Say goodbye to uncomfortable lamps and lengthy processes. Our whitening treatment uses a chemically-activated gel, offering visible results without the need for any extra gadgets. It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s impressively effective.

Conscious Whitening:

Health, ethics, and beauty go hand in hand at Simply Dentistry. The vegan and gluten-free nature of our chosen whitening gel ensures that you can opt for a brighter smile without compromising your values or well-being.

Immediate Gratification:

In just a single one-hour appointment, you can witness a significant transformation in the brightness of your smile. Perfect for those preparing for a big event or those seeking a quick cosmetic uplift.

Smile for Longer:

Although the perk of professional teeth whitening is that you can get results fast, ours also last. Plus, we offer detailed aftercare instructions to help the results stick around, and we schedule your regular cleanings for a refresh.

Oral Health Boost:

Beyond the aesthetic improvement, a whiter smile can motivate you to maintain excellent oral hygiene, ensuring your teeth stay healthy and your smile radiant. 

Teeth Whitening
Cost Worrying You?

We know the cosmetic industry’s reputation—luxurious, exclusive, expensive. Not so at Simply Dentistry. Understanding that everyone’s financial situation is different, we are committed to making our premium teeth whitening services accessible to all. We proudly offer various financing options to accommodate your budget. Our San Bruno dentist believes that a radiant smile should be within everyone’s reach, without having to worry about the cost. If this is a matter of concern for you, just ask us! We’re here to give you answers. 

Our Little Whitening
Treatment Packs a Lot of
Whitening Power

At Simply Dentistry, what we offer is straightforward: a teeth whitening solution that fits into the fast-paced, health-conscious, and style-centric ethos of San Francisco Bay Area. Our cosmetic dentist office stands at the forefront of the aesthetic dentistry field, providing a young, modern, and minimalistic approach that’s vibrant and welcoming. Find out for yourself by visiting us! Call 650-588-4255 or book your appointment online.