The Simple Beauty
of Tooth Bonding

At Simply Dentistry, we’re big fans of multipurpose treatments. Dental bonding is one of the ultimate examples. Using a moldable resin, Dr. Christina Chen and our cosmetic dental care team literally shape your new smile while also adding a layer of protection. Aesthetics and armor, all in one package! You can apply tooth bonding to one tooth, several, or your entire smile. This choice is as flexible as you need it to be. 

Aesthetics: The Cosmetic Benefits of Bonding

What are you worried about? Chips, cracks, gaps, or staining that traditional whitening cannot correct? Cosmetic tooth bonding can tackle all of those issues. You can also pick and choose which teeth to have bonded. Maybe you cracked your front tooth—the material can be shaped and polished to match your surrounding teeth, so no one knows you suffered a mishap. Perhaps you’re looking to even out your tooth shape. Bonding does that too, allowing you to apply the material to an entire arch of teeth or even your whole smile. With this treatment at Simply Dentistry, you can achieve a brighter, more aligned, and overall more attractive smile in no time. 

Armor: The Health
Benefits of Bonding

Dental bonding offers more than just a cosmetic makeover. This versatile procedure pulls double duty by also serving as a protective treatment for your teeth. You may even come across bonding first as a restorative treatment and then as a cosmetic one, since we sometimes opt for it to fill in cracks or chips. The layer of resin put over damaged teeth shields them from further damage and sensitivity. This protection also fortifies teeth against daily wear and tear. Your underlying tooth structure stays intact, so while we enhance your smile, we also protect its integrity.

Affordability: The Dental
Bonding Cost

Compared to other cosmetic procedures, bonding is one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance the appearance of your smile. The process requires fewer visits to our San Bruno dentist office and uses materials that are less expensive than veneers or crowns. This makes tooth bonding a highly accessible option if you’re looking to improve your smile without the hefty price tag. Plus, with our financial options, this treatment is even more accessible. 

Make an Appointment for This Multipurpose Treatment

At Simply Dentistry, our care transcends just the cosmetic, and our tooth bonding treatment proves that. When you come to our San Francisco Bay Area dentist office, you get treatments that perform multiple jobs, beautifying your smile as well as fortifying it. Get multiple dental benefits for the price and effort of one by calling 650-588-4255 or booking online today.