Mouthguards are crucial in helping to prevent broken teeth and injuries to soft tissues in the mouth. Dr. Dustin Lee says that the gear can help protect children who participate in various activities. Wearing a mouthguard when engaging in sports like football and soccer, and in other rigorous activities can provide a layer of protection from broken teeth, injured gums, and other types of dental emergencies.

Benefits of Mouthguards

Mouthguards, also known as mouth protectors, usually cover the upper teeth. They are crucial in reducing the risk of broken teeth and preventing soft tissue injuries in case of impact. Today, studies show that the athletic gear keeps athletes safe from suffering harm to their teeth. At Simply Dentistry, we advise parents to ensure their children use mouthguards from an early age, especially if they are involved in high-risk sports.

Types of Mouthguards

There are three different types of mouthguards: custom-fitted, stock, and boil-and-bite. Custom-fitted mouthguards are tailored to the patient’s needs and fit perfectly. The dentist takes an impression of the child’s mouth and a mouthpiece is made just for him. It offers the best fit and highest level of protection. It is also the most expensive.

The lest expensive option is a stock mouthguard.  This type is ready-made but can make talking and breathing difficult. They are the lowest level when it comes to protection, and they are not likely to fit well. However, some protection is better than no at all. These are prepackaged and you can buy them ready to use directly out of the package.

 Boil and bite mouth protectors assume the shape of the mouth after they have been softened in boiling water. These types are in between when it comes to protection, comfortable fit, and price. 

Generally, a custom-made and properly fitted mouth guard will offer the best protection. To protect your child from various dental issues, schedule regular visits to a qualified San Bruno dentist.

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