You noticed a tooth with a cavity, or your gums are swollen. Do you make an appointment with your San Mateo dentist right away? Or do you consider waiting until it really starts to bother you before talking to your dentist? It doesn’t hurt, do you need to take time to fix it? There can be some serious consequences for those who choose to delay dental care. Here are just a few of them.

A Dental Issue Won’t Fix Itself

There are a few health and medical issues that may correct themselves over time. Dental issues are not like that. They almost always get worse the more time that passes without treatment. Issues like cavities, infections, or gum disease don’t just go away. Instead, by neglecting to get dental care, the situation can become more complicated and involved. A cavity needs to be filled so the destructive decay can be stopped. Infections need to be treated with medication and bacteria removed or it will just keep getting worse.

Even trying homeopathic or DIY home remedies to treat dental problems can just allow them more time to worsen. When an issue is detected, timely treatment can be minimally invasive. Preventative therapies can be effective as well. If the condition can be stopped or reversed by minimally invasive treatments, that’s the best route. Delaying dental care can call for more invasive and aggressive types of treatments. The best option is to see your Simply Dentistry team at the first sign or symptom. However, there are some conditions that don’t present symptoms or pain. This is why routine exams are so important.

Pain Isn’t Always Present Even with Big Problems

Pain often alerts you to the presence of an abscess, cavity, or gum disease. No one likes a toothache and it usually results in immediate action. However, just because there is no pain present, doesn’t mean there isn’t a current problem. In cases of severe abscesses or tooth decay, the nerves may be deadened, meaning there’s no pain in the area. If you notice something wrong with a tooth or your gums like a cavity that is visible or swelling, don’t let the lack of pain deter you from seeking dental care. Even if it’s painless, schedule an exam with Dr. Dustin Lee. Often, there are absolutely no symptoms to get your attention. This is why you need to schedule routine exams. This way, the dentist can often detect early signs of problems and treat them before they require more invasive, extensive and expensive treatments.

Delaying Dental Care Can Be More Costly

As time passes, dental problems become more serious. This can drastically change treatment and restoration options. For example, a small cavity found at a checkup can easily be filled to prevent it from causing further damage. Choosing to delay treatment, even until your next checkup, can mean decay has time to spread. By then, decay may have spread to the nerve, created an abscess, or spread to an adjacent tooth that was cavity-free. Now a single filling is not enough. You may need a root canal and a crown as well as fillings on other affected teeth. You could easily be looking at double the costs you would have incurred if you hadn’t delayed treatment. Out of pocket expenses can even add up if you have insurance. Routine exams and early intervention can save you time, money, and your smile.

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Even if you don’t have any known dental problems presently, please schedule a routine exam with Dr. Dustin Lee at your local San Mateo dental office. And if you do have issues with your mouth, teeth or gums, please don’t hesitate to call our office today to schedule a new patient dental exam or dental cleaning. We are here to help you have a healthy mouth.

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