Dental Bridges

Questions About Tooth Loss

The idea of losing a tooth can be a very difficult one to come to terms with. Many patients are concerned with issues such as:

  • How will this affect my smile?
  • Will this change how I talk or sound?
  • Are there ways to restore my tooth?
  • Will tooth restoration look natural?
  • How will this impact my ability to eat food?

Our holistic care team would be delighted to discuss all your questions and treatment options in a private consultation. Some of the restoration solutions for missing teeth include dental bridges, dentures and implants.

Bridge to a Better Smile

One possibility for recreating your smile is a dental bridge. In this case, an artificial tooth is simply placed in the existing gap of your lost tooth and then anchored into place by the healthy teeth on either side, with “Crowns” on each end of the bridge. This forms a seamless smile restoration that is also functional and durable.

Your Bridge Treatment

If you are an ideal candidate for a bridge, then you can generally expect to make two visits to our office to complete the procedure. During the first appointment, the abutment (or anchoring teeth) will be prepared in anticipation of receiving crowns. Impressions will also be taken so that your custom restoration will fit properly. In the follow up appointment, the crowns and prosthetic tooth will be securely and expertly cemented into place and your natural, dazzling smile will be complete.

Is There Pain Involved?

if-you-are-getting-fitted-for-a-bridge-ask-about-the-wand-anesthetic-system-a-pain-free-local-anesthesia-delivery-system-that-numbs-your-smile-without-sharp-injectionsAs with any treatment that can cause discomfort, the caring staff at our San Bruno office will go to great lengths to make sure all your dental treatments are relaxing and painless. Ask about The Wand anesthetic system, a pain-free local anesthesia delivery system that numbs your smile without sharp injections. We have all of the latest amenities and technology to reduce your anxiety. Your comfort and peace of mind are always a priority at Simply Dentistry.

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