Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry in San Bruno

Are you concerned about your child’s first dental visit? Perhaps you’ve been wondering when you should take them in for their initial appointment. Are you looking for a dentist that will be caring and gentle and provide options to help make their first checkup fun and stress free? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Compassionate Care

At Simply Dentistry, we care for patients of all ages – including young children. We encourage you to contact us to discuss any concerns regarding your little one’s oral care. In most cases, we recommend scheduling his or her first visit by age 1.

Rest assured, our experienced staff and clinical team are committed to making your child’s checkups a positive experience that they will enjoy as much as possible. We provide a complete range of children’s dental services like:

Exams and Cleanings – Starting at age 1, bring your child in every 6 months to have their smile cleaned and evaluated. Regular visits allow us to screen for complications before symptoms arise. Since baby teeth decay much quicker than permanent ones, routine exams are very important.

Orthodontic Evaluations – We monitor the bite relationships and eruption patterns of your child’s adult teeth to help them avoid complications later on.

Preventive Sealants – Block out cavity-causing bacteria by sealing off the deep grooves and pits on top of hard-to-clean back teeth.

Digital X-rays Reduce radiation by up to 90% and screen for cavities, abscesses, and missing teeth.

Building Great Habits

It’s vital to your child to spend time helping them build a foundation of healthy dental habits. Our team will work with you and your son or daughter to improve their oral hygiene routines by demonstrating proper brushing, flossing, and discussing nutritional choices that impact their smile.

Dental Treatments for Children

Generally, we suggest a checkup for your children once every six months. Should your child need treatment such as a mercury-free filling, Dr. Lee will complete it here in our office. It’s easier than ever to access family dental care in one location – call our San Bruno office to book your next visit!

Gum disease? We offer periodontal care as well.

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