Straighter Teeth for a Healthier You

Did you know that straightening your smile could improve your oral and overall health? The physiology behind your biting patterns can contribute to complications such as TMJ disorder, migraines, and even oral diseases due to difficulty keeping your smile clean. Crowded teeth infected by periodontal disease can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more.

Invisalign Orthodontics

Using clear aligners, Invisalign can correct your smile in as quickly as 12 months. The removable plastic trays are easy to care for, and cost about the same price as more traditional braces. Plus you can eat whatever you want!

Get Your Confidence Back

If smiling is something that you avoid because it is embarrassing, you owe it to yourself to meet with Dr. Lee to see which options are available. Improving your tooth alignment is a great way to gain the confidence that you need to smile or even talk around other people. You may even find that it helps you make new friends or nail that job interview. Plus, it is often a wonderful way to complement other cosmetic treatments, such as whitening or veneers.

Straighten your smile without others ever knowing that you are wearing braces. Call our certified provider at Simply Dentistry to schedule a complimentary orthodontic evaluation for you or your teen. Financing plans are available! Be sure to check out our current special offers for new Invisalign patients.

We offer sedation dental care for major procedures.

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