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each-type-of-dental-laser-serves-a-different-purpose-but-they-allow-us-to-offer-more-comfortable-treatments-without-surgery-or-painful-recovery-timesDr. Lee has spent extensive amounts of time working with lasers to improve the oral health of our patients. Each type of laser serves a different purpose, but they allow us to offer more comfortable treatments without surgery or painful recovery times.

Here are some of the ways we implement lasers in our office:

Diagnodent Cavity Detection

What if you could detect cavities and other tooth irregularities earlier? Before they are visible on x-rays or seen when we look at your teeth? Traditional types of cavity detection may miss up to 75% of small cavities. With our Diagnodent device, we can pinpoint future cavities and correct them when they are very small, requiring less treatment (and lower out of pocket expenses) for you in the future.

Tissue Recontouring

Uneven gumlines can make your smile look “gummy,” or your teeth to appear short. Rather than surgically altering the gumlines to uncover the full tooth shape, we use a gentle laser to reshape the tissues and create an entirely new contour along the top of each tooth.

LANAP Periodontal Therapy

Female Patient having LANAP - the first and only FDA approved laser treatment available for managing periodontal diseaseWhen conventional scaling and root planing (“deep cleanings”) aren’t enough for advanced periodontitis, most people need surgery. LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is a non-invasive laser procedure that treats periodontal pockets without surgical techniques.

LANAP is the first and only FDA approved laser treatment available for managing periodontal disease. The thin laser tip is just the width of three hairs, and it works by decontaminating the pocket areas around the tooth, creating a sterile environment along the root surfaces. It’s so comfortable that many of our patients do not even need to be numbed during their treatment. That’s why so many people prefer LANAP to invasive periodontal surgery.

Not only does LANAP create a healthy environment free of harmful bacteria, it also triggers the reattachment of the soft tissue with the tooth, resulting in improvement of areas that suffer from tissue detachment. The entire treatment process usually takes about 30 minutes per quadrant, and is performed alongside a conventional deep cleaning.  

Lasers can also be used to conveniently treat cold sores or aphthous ulcers in just a few seconds! Call Simply Dentistry today to see how lasers and other advanced technology can help your smile be healthier and more beautiful than ever before.

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