Cleanings & Preventions

Preventive Dentistry

As a holistic practice, Simply Dentistry focuses on prevention and minimally invasive care techniques. That’s why we’ve poured extensive time into disease prevention, starting with comprehensive exams and regular prophylactic visits.  

Comprehensive Exams and Cleanings

At each exam, we will thoroughly diagnose your tooth health, bite, oral tissues, and screen for gum disease. Routine preventive cleanings can help you avoid tooth loss caused by periodontitis.

Oral DNA Testing

The link between oral diseases and general health is greater than you think. Certain bacteria inside of your smile can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and much more. We also specialize in treating diabetic patients!

OralID Oral Cancer Screenings

Once each year, we perform a thorough oral cancer screening using the advanced OralID system. Early detection allows for the highest rate of successful treatment in oral cancer patients.

IntraOral Cameras

Every new patient receives an oral tour of his or her smile. Our high definition intraoral camera shows you up close everything that Dr. Lee see during your exam.

Laser Cavity Detection

Diagnodent lasers pinpoint areas of weak tooth enamel before cavities are visible on an x-ray or during a visual exam. This allows Dr. Lee to place minimally or non-invasive protective sealants and tooth-colored fillings, minimizing the impact on your smile.

Cavity Risk Assessment

Wouldn’t you like to know how at-risk your smile is for developing tooth decay? We perform a cavity risk assessment on every new patient, and once a year thereafter.

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