It’s easy to overlook a crack in your tooth. Many cracks are invisible to the naked eye, and some hairline cracks are so small that they might not show up on an x-ray. And yet, a cracked tooth can become a serious problem if it isn’t fixed quickly by your San Bruno dentist.

Causes and Signs of a Cracked Tooth

Since a crack in a tooth can be so difficult to see, you will probably notice other signs first. The most obvious sign of a cracked tooth is localized pain that flares up when you bite down on the cracked tooth or when it is exposed to particularly hot or cold temperatures. For example, you might notice pain in one of your teeth if you drink or bite down on something cold. The pain might also get worse if you bite down on something hard such as a piece of hard candy or seed in a piece of fruit.

There may be a number of things that cause a tooth to crack. Jaw clenching at night can make your teeth more likely to crack. Trauma is often the cause of different injuries to the teeth including cracking. And for some people, simply eating a hard piece of candy or biting a chunk of ice causes the damage.

Treatment Options

Fortunately, a cracked tooth is relatively easy to repair with bonding, a crown, or a root canal. The proper treatment will depend on the location and the severity of the cracked tooth. A careful examination by a dentist can help determine the extent of the damage and a treatment plan.

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