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If you are living with pain from chronic headaches, migraines, or TMJ/TMD, you may have feel like you have tried everything. At Simply Dentistry, we have good news: real relief is possible. We encourage you to read these testimonials from real patients treated with TruDenta technology and therapy. Their thoughts about their care are remarkable, and their experience is very common for TruDenta patients everywhere. Finally, read our own Dr. Bradley Parker’s story about how TrueDenta changed his family’s life.

Patient Testimonials

Amy was a chronic headache and migraine sufferer who was on a daily regimen of pain medicine. After her very first TruDenta treatment, Amy’s headaches diminished significantly. She feels “released and no pain whatsoever.” Amy describes the change in her life as “amazing.”


Jo is a dental assistant who suffers from TMD, jaw, and neck muscle pain. After a late night airplane trip, she rated her pain as 15 on a scale of 1 to 10. After Jo’s very first TruDenta treatment, she felt “wonderful.”


Amber was a migraine sufferer for years and on a daily regimen of pain medicine. After TruDenta she is migraine free! She describes her experience as “amazing, and everything is more clear.” Her work and focus are improved. Amber says her life is more fun and she does not have to take medicine along wherever she goes. “I don’t wake up in pain anymore.”



Dr. Parker’s Testimonial

I am Dr. Bradley Parker, DDS, and I discovered the TruDenta system after searching for most of my adult life for a migraine solution for my own family.

For years, I watched my wife Robin endure chronic migraine pain. She is sensitive to almost every trigger: chocolate, alcohol, changes in barometric pressure, fog, altitude, nuts, aged cheese, hormones, and lack of sleep. A migraine sufferer for over 25 years, Robin missed out on so much. When migraines struck, instead of spending her time doing the things she loves, she had no choice but to endure agonizing pain in a dark, quiet bedroom instead. When she wasn’t confined to a dark room, she often had to “power through” many days of pounding headaches, still somehow managing to work and take care of our family, all while suffering – all while not having the physical ability to be fully present in her life.

Together, we researched and experimented with every treatment option available: multiple medications, Botox, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage therapy. We even saw a neurologist, but found no long-term solution, and still ended up in the emergency room from time to time. We eventually resigned ourselves to living with this life-altering debility.

Then, I learned about TruDenta.

Using this system, my wife experienced significant relief – after just a few treatments!

It took 40 years of searching, but we FINALLY found exactly what we had hoped for: a long-term method for living a pain-free, quality life. TruDenta literally changed Robin’s existence, and gave her back her freedom. It also gave me my wife back, and my children back their mother.

Witnessing the amazing results firsthand inspired me to undergo the TruDenta training, and become a certified TruDenta specialist.

If you are a chronic migraine (or headache) sufferer, you don’t have to live with constant pain ANY longer!

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More patient testimonials
“I felt like a million bucks. After my treatment yesterday I felt wonderful. It’s a total well-being experience.” – Kate

“It’s amazing how quickly it happens, and you are just so skeptical, like nothing is going to work. I happen to have had jaw pain for as long as I can remember. Now I don’t feel any!” – Susan

“It was absolutely amazing. It was really truly amazing. It was almost overwhelming. It was incredible.” 
– Laura

“My experience was life altering. It’s amazing.” – Julia

“It actually shows results after only one treatment.” – Samantha

“I truly enjoyed the treatment and definitely feel the difference.” – Peter

“I have drastically improved. I no longer have jaw pain and my headaches have improved. I felt like a different person. I would highly recommend this treatment.” – Amelia

“I had headaches all day, every day. I was taking probably 24 Ibuprofen every day. (Since the treatment) I haven’t taken Ibuprofen for headaches for four weeks!” – Daille

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