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Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety-Free Dental Procedures

her-mind-has-been-put-at-ease-and-helped-her-to-enjoy-a-healthy-beautiful-smile-with-oral-sedation-and-nitrous-oxide-gas-during-her-dental-careDr. Parker wants every patient’s office experience to be a positive and relaxed one. We can put your mind at ease and help you enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile with oral sedation and nitrous oxide gas. Patients can benefit from sedation when…

  • Undergoing lengthy treatments
  • In need of complex procedures
  • Suffering from mild to severe dental anxiety.

If you’re a little embarrassed about your smile or the amount of work you think you might need, the idea of needles or dental treatment gives you anxiety attacks, or the noises and smells overwhelm you – we understand. Dr. Parker’s warm chair-side manner will put you at ease as you discuss your concerns and he’ll never make you feel embarrassed. With the help of sedation, you can finally have a serene, stress-free procedure and enjoy all the benefits of dental care.

Nitrous Oxide

Dental fears are nothing to laugh at, but nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” just might be the answer to your worries. This sedative is administered through a flexible nosepiece that you breathe through slowly and naturally. You’ll quickly experience a warm, tingly sensation that lets you escape your fears while still remaining aware of what’s going on around you. Once your procedure is completed, the sedative gas will be replaced with oxygen and you’ll be feeling back to normal within minutes.

Conscious Oral Sedation

If you need a little help feeling calm for your dental procedure, oral sedation such as “happy pills” can help. With prescribed pills, you can experience a sense of calm at the moment anxiety hits you. Another benefit of pills is that the dosage can be adjusted as needed to ensure you experience a relaxed and positive dental treatment.

The Wand

The Wand is a computerized anesthesia delivery system that takes the discomfort and anxiety out of the numbing process. In fact, many of our patients regard it to be completely pain-free. The extremely small, accurate injection allows us to numb specific areas like single teeth or areas that are a bit more sensitive to work on. Plus, your lips and tongue won’t be numb as a result.

Special Triple Topical Anesthetic

Dr. Parker is great at giving gentle injections, but we know you still don’t want to feel the initial “pinch” that numbing your mouth entails. That’s why we use what we call, a “special, triple topical anesthetic!” The numbing abilities of this topical gel work so well, that in some situations you may not even need to be numbed the old fashioned way. Plus, it wears off after several minutes so that there are no lingering effects.

We’re Here For You!

Dr. Parker and our friendly staff enjoy a wonderful, warm relationship with many long-term patients. We’d love to build that same relationship with you and your family. If you’re in need of dental care, but feeling a little anxious, give our friendly office a call – we can help!

Children’s dental services available.

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