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Mercury-Safe Dental Fillings

Unlike “mercury-free” dental offices, our San Bruno facility is “mercury-safe.” What does that mean to you as our patient? It means that not only do we provide holistic restorations like tooth-colored fillings, but we also take extensive steps to reduce the risk of mercury exposure as your old amalgam restorations are removed.

We implement a European style of mercury removal, delivering an isolated oxygen delivery system, and preparing patients with medications beforehand to reduce exposure. Without these careful techniques, there would be a risk of the toxins entering back into your body, our water supply, or exposing our staff as the older fillings are broken apart for removal (this is something that many offices do not tell their patients).

Minimally Invasive Restorations

Each of our composite (white) fillings are matched to the shade of your surrounding enamel. This makes your smile look completely whole again, and doesn’t leave bothersome gray areas across the teeth.

It also means that less tooth preparation is necessary. How? Because composite bonds directly with the microscopic pores of your enamel. Only the damaged portion of the tooth needs to be removed, as opposed to cutting out a “wedge” to hold a silver filling into place.

Painless Injections

Is it possible to numb your mouth without a painful shot? Yes! We use a state of the art, computerized local anesthetic delivery system called The Wand. This technique allows us to deliver small amounts of anesthetic without the discomfort of a traditional injection. You’ll love it!

Do You Have a Cavity?

Signs of tooth decay usually include symptoms like:

  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Rough surfaces across the tooth
  • Something feeling “off” in your bite
  • Sensitivity or pain
  • Food sticking inside or between your teeth

before-and-after-of-tooth-coloured-fillings-to-avoid-implants-or-root-canals-in-the-futureIf you suspect that you have a cavity, we will take a low-radiation digital x-ray of the tooth to assess the extent of decay. Don’t delay; call us right away before the condition worsens. Avoid implants or root canals in your future by getting minor tooth decay filled right away.

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